Get ready to look at the year 1891!

Stuhr Museum’s Living History Community is open for external viewing. Our regular season, which features costumed interpreters and daily activities, begins on May 1, 2021.

No visit to Stuhr Museum is complete without a visit to Railroad Town, our historic town where we interpret the 1890’s.

From May 1 – Labor Day Railroad Town bustles with activity. Costumed interpreters practice their trades, work in the homes and are happy to share with you what life was like in the time of our pioneer ancestors. During the rest of the year the town, which is a collection of historic buildings and structures recreating the 1890’s, is open for external viewing.

While we will not have daily programming in Railroad Town over the winter, one never knows what could pop up in the Stuhr Building, Fonner Rotunda or even occasionally in a site in Railroad Town!

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