Marilyn and I are honored to serve as the 2023 chairs of the Stuhr Museum Foundation Annual Fund Drive Campaign. Our goal is to garner your continuing support of Stuhr Museum’s facilities and programs and “Preserve Connection” across our community.  

My grandparents instilled a deep love of history from an early age – they understood preserving our past contributes to a better present and future. My parents continued the tradition and introduced us to Stuhr Museum upon our arrival to the area in the early 1970s. In turn, we’ve been able to pass along the significance of historical preservation and community to our daughter, Rachel.  

Like us, so many people have strong connections, and stories, growing up with and participating in Stuhr’s special events, educational field trips, and year around classes. Marilyn and I are so encouraged in the future potential of Stuhr Museum. With focused executive leadership intentionally cultivating a team of innovative, creative, and energetic department directors, Stuhr will realize its goal to become the best living history museum in the country.   

Stuhr Museum provides an irreplaceable “quality of life component” for our community and boasts nearly $6,000,000 in annual local economic impact, making it a philanthropic investment that bears returns year in and year out. 

Please join Marilyn and I in making a sound investment by contributing to the 2023 Annual Fund Drive. Our goal to raise $180,000 will help to ensure Stuhr’s capacity to continue “preserving connection” with history.

In the immortal words of Elvis Presley…
Thank you very, very much,

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2023 Annual Fund Drive

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Please join us in helping the Stuhr Museum Foundation reach its $180,000 goal.