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Scholarships for Schools

These scholarships help provide tuition support for public schools and eligible students participating in the Structure Class field trips at Stuhr Museum. Teachers, administrators and social workers may apply. Field Trip Scholarships are open to Class C, D and Title I public schools.

Spring 2023 Class Scholarships now open!



Summer Adventures ScholarshipsMacKenna Milhon Scholarship at Stuhr Museum

These scholarships provide free tuition and transportation for deserving students to attend Stuhr Museum Summer Adventures.

This generous tribute was made possible by MacKenna Milhon’s loving family; grandparents Mike and Annetta Milhon, aunt and uncle Sunny and Kevin Forrest, and an employee nonprofit-match made by Union Pacific Railroad.

“MacKenna was just a red-headed freckle-faced girl who loved Stuhr Museum,” said, Mike Milhon.

MacKenna spent each summer vacation in Grand Island with her grandparents, and a highlight of those summers was the time she spent at Stuhr Museum, taking Summer Adventure classes, workshops and participation in the Living History Apprentice (LHA) Program.

The Alumni Scholarship in Memory of MacKenna Milhon will positively impact the lives of young people.

Contribute to Alumni Scholarship

Living History Apprentice Program participants and alumni are eligible to apply for higher education scholarship.


The Stuhr Museum Foundation Luminary Youth Scholarship was created to acknowledge, reward, and incentivize the invaluable service of area youth volunteers. Your support will help ensure the continuation of this important program.

Each year, youth aged 11–18 make the choice to donate their valuable time and talent to serve as Living History Apprentices (LHA’s) in Railroad Town at Stuhr Museum. Fitted in period attire, LHA’s engage visitors through direct interaction and hands-on encounters providing an immersive experience that will forge indelible memories and form a true connection to Nebraska’s rich and storied pioneer history.

In turn, the youth volunteer program continues to evolve and adapt holistically, while also cultivating and nurturing the talents of individual youth volunteers, allowing participants to develop independence, self-esteem and leadership skills.