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Creating Immersive Experiences
7 Days A Week | 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Why should you take your students on a field trip to Stuhr Museum? Field trips enrich and expand the curriculum that students are learning in the classroom. A field trip to Stuhr Museum offers students unique experiences where they are immersed in history and culture. We offer two different types of field trips at Stuhr Museum – structured classes or self-guided exploration. If you are not able to visit Stuhr Museum in person, we are also able to provide another option – virtual field trips. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be providing your students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect to the past and learn how it influences our present and future.

Structured Classes



Structured Classes are the most requested programs for schools and homeschools. Learn through structured lessons, featuring hands-on experiences to connect with history in a way students can’t get from a textbook!

Experience immersive opportunities in one of our unique classes at Stuhr Museum. Classes are available for kindergarten through 8th grade. Each class has been designed with Nebraska state education standards in mind for not just social studies, but all core areas of education.


Self-Guided Exploration


If a Structured Class doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can still visit us on a self-guided field trip! Most schools choose to visit when Railroad Town is open (September or late April & May) and bustling with costumed historical interpreters, however, you can visit the Leo B. Stuhr Building, Fonner Rotunda and new STEAM Learning Center year-round. New this year, you can also book your trip during the winter and add an ice skating experience at the Glaciarium!

Field trips offer the flexibility to set your own schedule and interact with exhibits and activities across the museum, but do not include any structured instruction. Picnic areas are available on a first-come, first-serve basis during September, April and May. Feel free to spend as much or as little time as you have with us!

Please note: We require 1 adult per 5 students as chaperones for field trips to ensure students act in a respectful and safe manner toward the museum grounds, artifacts, and employees.


Reservations are required at least 2 weeks in advance to receive field trip pricing and payment will be due on the day of your visit via cash, check, or credit card.



Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips | AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND

For those students in schools, homeschools, or other groups that are unable to travel to Stuhr Museum in person, we are excited to provide a selection of our unique HATS classes in a virtual format!

Virtual HATS classes include:
•An interactive pre-recorded lesson
•A teacher’s packet containing worksheets and suggested activities for the selected lesson
•An optional 15-30 minute live virtual visit with one of Stuhr Museum’s knowledgeable educators

Virtual classes are powered by ThingLink, an interactive, web-based platform that allows the teacher to lead their classroom through the lesson as a whole or can even turn over the reins and let the students explore on their own. Virtual classes can be completed on any web-enabled device such as a computer, tablet, or even a phone!

Each virtual HATS class comes with a teacher’s guide and a packet of worksheets for students. Classes are available for kindergarten through 8th grade, and each class is aligned to Nebraska State Standards at the specified grade levels. Our virtual classes come backed with Google’s immersive reader, which means any text portions of the lesson can be read out loud by a narrator in English or a number of other languages, and can also be slowed down or sped up to suit the comprehension level of each student. The text can also be translated to another language for reading, too! 

For more information about the virtual HATS classes currently offered, click on your grade level below. For questions about virtual classes or to request a class, contact Corey at or call (308) 385-5316.


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