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Living History Apprentice (LHA)

Stuhr Museum is fortunate to have a large variety of volunteers who assist with programs and activities in every department. One unique group of volunteers is known as Living History Apprentices, or LHAs for short. Each year, youth who have completed the 5th grade or above may apply to join this group and take training classes to prepare them for their experiences at the museum.

The LHA program has been in existence in some form since 1982 when our youth volunteers were called “Junior Interpreters.” The program has grown and changed over the years to adapt to not only the needs of the museum, but also to cultivate the talents of each individual youth member and add new levels of leadership to help those youth become successful young adults in their schools, communities, and beyond.

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Living History Apprentice Program Application. In addition to the application, please submit two reference forms (download is available).

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