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The Stuhr Crazy Podcast features our Curatorial and Interpretive staff as they explore history through the lens of our 1890s Railroad Town and the people who make it work. Each week we focus on a new building in Railroad Town and the people who lived and worked in it, through artifacts and historic research. From there we interview someone who has a connection to that building, be it a modern day equivalent to an 1890s job to an interpreter in Railroad Town to someone who just knows a lot about what we’re talking about. The show is fun, informative and we really hope you enjoy it.

Stuhr Crazy drops every Thursday in seasons of 6 episodes. Episodes are available here, on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Stitcher, and more podcatchers in the coming weeks. We ask that if you like Stuhr Crazy, please share it with your friends who love podcasts and help us grow!

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S5:E2 - Prohibition Part 1

Bottoms up…or not. This week we are tackling a big topic in a sober but fun way, pun definitely intended. Prohibition was a battle in Hall County that included women bringing axes into bars, crime bosses, good meaning moonshiners and a movement tied up in women’s rights. We discuss all this and more with our curators and then take a trip to Prairie Pride Brewing in Grand Island to talk to Brewmaster Alex Briner, who is brewing a pre-prohibition era recipe and getting raves for it. Salud!

S5:E1 - Horse Racing

…and coming around the outside rail is the 5th season of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast! We are back for Season 5 and kicking it off with an episode on the history and current state of horse racing in Hall County. From the early days (that might be far earlier than you think) to an interview with Fonner Park’s CEO Chris Kotulak, this episode will have you wearing fancy hats and sipping on a mint julep in no time. Go, baby go!

S4:E6 - Antiques

Are you crazy for collectibles? Amazed by antiques? Then this week’s Stuhr Crazy Podcast is for you! This week we turn our eye to the Antique Shop and the treasures contained within, as well as a discussion about collecting, starting with Robb Nelson and Kay Cynova speaking about what an antique even is. From there we travel to the Heartland Antique Mall to meet with previous podcast guest Jim Pohl and several dealers to talk about life in the antique game.

*NOTE: We had a technical problem in the first segment but the conversation was so good we did our best to fix it. Thanks for bearing with us.

The Stuhr Crazy Podcast is a product of Stuhr Museum. You can find more at Find the podcast on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you download podcasts. Thanks for listening.

S4:E5 - History of Puppetry

Lights, camera, puppets! In this episode of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast our team tackles a somewhat odd but definitely important historical topic – puppets! From religious teachings to political communication to welcoming foreign leaders, puppets have been used throughout history for all sorts of jobs, even at Stuhr Museum. In our second segment Carly Cremers joins us to talk about her creation, Scout, which is the Youth Ambassador for the museum. It’s fascinating history…no strings attached!

The Stuhr Crazy Podcast is a product of Stuhr Museum. You can find more at Find the podcast on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you download podcasts. Thanks for listening.

S4:E4 - The Liederkranz

The Stuhr Crazy Podcast continues to explore historic buildings in Hall County with a trip to the Liederkranz, a German Social Club still operating in downtown Grand Island. In the first segment, Kay Cynova and Carly Cremers discuss the history of German social clubs in general and how they’ve changed through the years. In the second segment we head to the Liederkranz, which has been an operating social club for over 150 years!

The Stuhr Crazy Podcast is a product of Stuhr Museum. You can find more at Find the podcast on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you download podcasts. Thanks for listening.

S4: E2 & 3 - The History of Flight Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

We take to the skies in this episode of the Stuhr Crazy Podcast and turn our attention to Nebraska’s natural wonders. In the first segment experts from our museum discuss the history of the Sandhill Crane migration all the way back from the earliest recorded interactions between man and bird. In the second segment, we are honored to speak with photographer Doug Steinke, this year’s Wings Over the Platte Featured Artist, about his art and life in the outdoors. It’s a special podcast that goes down unexpected roads and flyways.

Part 2

Up, up and away with the Stuhr Crazy Podcast. In this second part of our two part series on the History of Flight, we talk military balloons, broken spines and more with Kay Cynova and Carly Cremers from our Interpretation and Education Departments respectively. Then, in our second segment, Mike Olsen, Executive Director of the Central Nebraska Regional Airport joins us for a discussion on current air travel and how Grand Island is a great place to fly from and to!


S4:E1 - Vaccines

The Stuhr Crazy Podcast is back for Season 4 and we’re starting off with a very timely topic: Vaccines. In the first segment Robb Nelson and Kari Stofer from our Curatorial Department discuss the history of vaccines from ancient history through the Smallpox epidemic. In the second segment Dr. Rebecca Steinke will discuss the current vaccine roll out to deal with the current COVID-19 epidemic. It’s a fascinating history that ties into an important event happening right now!

From the Vault

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Stuhr Museum is taking out our favorite artifacts and showing you the best pieces “From the Vault” in a new video series.

Formerly known as “An Artifact A Day”, this weekly series showcases some of the more bizarre, interesting and relevant artifacts in our substantial collection. You can watch the videos below or subscribe to our YouTube Channel for new videos as they are released. Enjoy a deep dive into our collection with “From the Vault”.

Funeral Flower Vase
4th of July Ceremony

Behind the Scenes

With more than 200 acres and over 100 structures there is too much Stuhr Museum to see in one day. Luckily, we have the answer!

Our Behind the Scenes videos give you a look into our historic structures, our unique exhibits and our vast collections. Explore digitally then come experience it for yourself.

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