Immersive Experiences
Summer 2021

Class List 2021

Creating Immersive Experiences
7 Days A Week | 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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JULY 6-9 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 4-5 | Member: $55, Non-member: $60
Students will learn traditional Pawnee children’s songs and try their hand with a variety of musical instruments. The class will conclude with a performance on the the last day during the last 15 minutes of class for family and friends.

Arts & Crafts

Puppet Playtime
July 6-8 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 6-8 | Member: $40, Non-member: $45
Do you love playing pretend and being creative? If so, puppeteering is for you! In this basics class, we will learn how to make a few simple puppets and make them come to life!

Secret Fairy Garden
June 14-18 Or June 21-25 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 7-9 | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
What lies hidden in Stuhr’s beautiful gardens? Could Stuhr be the secret home for “Flower Fairies”? Our Fairy Godmother will lead students to an enchanted garden when they will learn the language of flowers and trees and the folklore of fairies!

Digital Photography
June 21-25 | 9-11 A.M.

Age 9+ | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a great photographer? Learn the basics of photography, using the beautiful Stuhr grounds as your subject. Students need to bring a digital camera with an SD card or cord to connect to a computer.

Based On Books

June 28-July 2 | 9-11 AM Or 1-3 PM

Ages 7+ | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Come meet Josefina from the American Girl series in the year 1824 in New Mexico. We will explore and interact with her rich Mexican culture by cooking food, playing games and making crafts that were all a part of Josefina’s daily life.

laura Ingalls Wilder 2
June 21-25 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 9+ | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
As Laura grows, so do her experiences on the prairie! Students will explore the lives of Almanzo and Laura while making crafts, cooking, sewing and other activities based on the books On the Banks of Plum Creek and Little Town on the Prairie.

Anne of Green Gables
June 7-11 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 9+ | Member: $55, Non-member: $60
Based on the Anne of Green Gables story, you will learn about the Victorian Era with special emphasis on fashion and lifestyle. A trip to the Millinery in Railroad Town, a tea party, crafts and other adventures will make this a fun week for all!

Little Women
June 21-25 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 9+ | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Based on the books by Louisa May Alcott, we’ll explore the lives of the March girls. We’ll enjoy piano music like Beth would have played during tea time, embroider items for Meg’s hope chest, act out a play like Jo, and paint outside like Amy!

Cooking & Baking

The Art of Pie Baking
June 21-23 | 9 a.m.-noon

Ages 10+ | Member: $50, Non-member: $55
Students will learn to make a variety of pies, from apple to rhubarb, and chocolate to lemon meringue. Pies will feature single, double and lattice crusts. Adults are welcome, too!

Historic Eras

Wheels On The Prairie
July 5-9 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 6-9 | Member: $55, Non-member: $60
Students will spend the week learning about things that rolled across the prairie- trains, covered wagons and wheelbarrows to name just a few. Crafts and activities will help us learn about wheels and ensure “we’ll” have fun!

Auntie’s Closet
June 21-25 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 7-9 | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Students will rummage around to see what fun things they can find to play with! Maybe there are clothes for dress-up? How about all the things you can make from a shoebox? Students will be immersed in history for this unique class!

Log Cabin Adventures
July 5-9 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 7-9 | Member: $55, Non-member: $60
Step back in time to live like the first settlers on the Nebraska prairie. Students will create crafts, build miniature log cabins and plant seeds while experiencing daily life in a log cabin, even hauling buckets of water with a yoke!

Grandma, Me & Tea
June 28-July 2 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 8+ | Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Hosting a tea is an important event for a young Victorian lady! We will spend the week preparing for a tea party where each student can entertain a guest in grand style. Invitations will be made, linens pressed, and the silver must be polished!

Dawn of Our Country 1
June 28 | 1-3:30 p.m.

Ages 7-9 | Member: $20, Non-member: $25
Join us as we dive into some of America’s greatest moments from the past. We’ll explore the people and the courageous, inventive, and sometimes secretive events that helped make America the great nation it is today!

Dawn of Our Country 2
June 29, 1-3:30 p.m.

Ages 10-12 | Member: $20, Non-member: $25
Join us as we dive into some of America’s greatest moments from the past. We’ll explore the people and the courageous, inventive, and sometimes secretive events that helped make America the great nation it is today!

Historic Trades

Basic Blacksmithing
June 7-11 | 9-11 A.M.
An afternoon Session may be available if morning session is filled.

Ages 12-15 | Member: $75, Non-member: $80
Students will learn about shop safety, how to build and maintain a coal fire, and hammer control and techniques. Students must be 4′ 6″ tall and are required to wear long sleeve shirts, jeans and boots for safety.

Tinsmithing 2
July 12-15 | 9-11 a.m.

Ages 10+ | Member: $75, Non-member: $80
Must have completed Tinsmithing 1. Students will build upon the skills learned in the first class to create more advanced projects such as your very own tin cup and a pencil box.


Sounds & Music 1
June 30 | 1-3:30 P.M.

Ages 5-7 | Member: $20, Non-member: $25
Stop and listen to the sounds around you- what do you hear? Humans have been creating instruments since the beginning of time that mimic sounds in everyday life, and have used these sounds to create the music we all enjoy!

Sounds & Music 2
July 1 | 1-3:30 P.M.

Ages 8-10 | Member: $20, Non-member: $25
Stop and listen to the sounds around you- what do you hear? Humans have been creating instruments since the beginning of time that mimic sounds in everyday life, and have used these sounds to create the music we all enjoy!


Science & Nature

Fishing Fundamentals
July 5-9 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 8-14| Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Whether you’re a beginner or have some fishing experience, this class is for you! We’ll learn about different species of fish in Nebraska and how the weather affects a good day of fishin’. Bring your own pole or use one of ours; bait provided.

July 19 | 9-11:30 A.M.

Ages 7-9 | Member: $20, Non-member: $25
Discover how harvesting energy from the sun can provide us energy to grow, work and play. We will build a solar oven to prepare a yummy snack- can you think of anything ‘smore’ fun?

Pollinators of Nebraska
July 6-8 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 9-12| Member: $35, Non-member: $40
Learn about Nebraska’s pollinators, butterflies & bees! You will spend time identifying insects found at Stuhr Museum, make a bee bath, paint and plant a flower pot, and decorate a t-shirt promoting pollinators!

Blooms & Blossoms
June 1-2 | 9-11 a.m.

Ages 10+| Member: $40, Non-member: $45
Express your inner florist as you learn all about the meanings of flowers and their colors. You will create a potted arrangement in a personalized flower pot, a vase arrangement and a bouquet.

Explore the Prairie
June 14-18 Or July 5-9 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 10+| Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Come explore the outdoors just as early explorers, hunters, trappers and mountain men travelling along the Platte River would have done. Students will learn to use a compass, set a simple trap, and much more during this exciting week!


Sewing & Textiles

Intro to Textile Arts
June 21-23 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 7-9| Member: $50, Non-member: $55
Description coming soon!

A Stitch in Time
June 14-18 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 8+| Member: $60, Non-member: $65
Students will learn basic sewing skills, such as threading a needle and sewing seams and hems. A simple pattern will be followed to create a doll-sized dress during the week.

Beginning Knitting
July 6-8 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 9+| Member: $40, Non-member: $45
Knitting is not only a historic skill that our ancestors used to keep warm, but also a fashionable modern skill! Beginners in this class will learn the basics of knitting, including cast on, knit and purl stitches and binding off.

Beginning to Cross Stitch
June 10-11 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 9+| Member: $30, Non-member: $35
Students will learn the how to cross stitch using patterns and simple supplies. Basic sewing knowledge will be helpful as we practice this new technique.

Pieces of Time
July 6-9 | 9-11 A.M.

Ages 9+| Member: $50, Non-member: $55
Students will use piecing techniques from pioneer times and learn modern methods while making a handmade quilt that can be used for a doll or as a table topper. Sewing experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Beginning Embroidery
June 21-25 | 1-3 P.M.

Ages 10+| Member: $65, Non-member: $70
Learn how to get started in basic embroidery. We will assemble supplies for a personal sewing kit, learn how to separate floss, thread a needle and tie a knot. Using these skills, students will complete a variety of projects during the week.



2021 Summer Adventures Information and Policies

  • Registration will open to members on Saturday, March 6 at 9:00 am.
  • Registration will open to the public on Saturday, March 20 at 9:00am.
  • Registrations may be made two ways on opening days: via online registration or in person at Stuhr Museum in the Reynolds Building from 9 am – 2 pm. Phone registrations will be taken any other day during normal business hours only.
  • All registrations are completed on a first-come, first served basis, regardless of registration method.
  • Age categories must be observed and we will verify your child’s birthdate to confirm eligibility.
  • If your child has any food or environmental allergies or medical conditions that we need to be aware of, please be sure to fill out our Medical Waiver of Liability and return it to Stuhr Museum prior to your child’s class so that the appropriate precautions can be taken. These forms are for informational use only and will be destroyed at the end of class. Dowload form here: 
  • Please note, by paying class fees you are giving permission to Stuhr Museum’s authorized staff photographers to capture your child’s image for use in any and all publications for marketing purposes. If you do not wish for your child’s picture to be taken, you must notify us in writing prior to your child’s class.
COVID-19 Information

Stuhr Museum has taken the current COVID-19 situation into consideration when planning classes for 2021.  Our plan is outline as follows, however recommendations or mandates from the local health department may result in changes. Any changes will be communicated to you in the reminder e-mail you receive prior to your child’s class.

  • All students will need to bring a mask. Masks will be worn by our staff and students for the duration of class. Students in cooking classes will wear their masks indoors and taste-testing will take place outdoors where students can spread out to remove their masks. Students in other classes may also be permitted to remove their masks when outdoors if distancing allows, however the instructor will give permission only when it is appropriate to do so.
  • Our classes will have limited spots available to ensure social distancing is possible. If restrictions relax by summer, some classes may have more spots added.
  • Handwashing or hand sanitizer will be available at a number of locations around the grounds to use as needed.
  • We ask parents monitor their child’s health at home and do not send children with any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness to class. If you choose to keep your child at home, please notify us by phone or e-mail to let us know of your child’s absence.
Payment and Cancellation
  • Payment must accompany registration to reserve a spot in a class or workshop. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check or credit card. Online sales may only be completed with a credit card.
  • In order to receive member pricing, the person paying for the class must be a member of Stuhr Museum. Stuhr Museum members will receive a discount code via e-mail to enter at checkout. Refunds will not be issued if the discount is not entered at checkout.
  • If the registrant wishes to cancel, notification must be made to Stuhr Museum 10 days prior to the class start date to receive a refund. Refunds given will be subject to a 10% administrative fee. Cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the class are not eligible for refunds. No refund will be issued for days missed during class.
  • Students may not be dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to class and must be picked up no more than 15 minutes after the end of class each day.
  • A parking map will be provided to each vehicle on the first day of class. Your map serves as your pass into the museum for the duration of class. Please slow down and present pass to the Gate House Attendant any time you enter the grounds for entry. If more than one vehicle will be dropping off or picking up your child, additional passes will be available at the Gate House for no charge.
  • Please obey all parking and speed limit rules while dropping off or picking up your child.
  • Please use the specified parking lot for drop-off and pick-up. Your child’s teacher will meet the students there each day and bring them back to that location at the end of the day. Please do not stop along the road to drop students off or pick them up for the safety of your child and others.
Class Policies
  • Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for class. Several of our classes have specific dress codes, such as long pants or closed-toe shoes. Specific dress codes will be included in the reminder e-mail for each week of classes.
  • For classes without a specified dress code, we still recommend closed-toe shoes due to the outdoor nature of many classes. Students may encounter bugs and sunshine, so bug spray or sunscreen is recommended where appropriate.
  • Please only send water to class with your child- no pop or juice. Each child will receive a water bottle marked with their name to use during class and keep.
  • In the event of inclement weather, Stuhr Museum may choose to relocate or cancel classes for the safety of the students. Notification will be made as early as possible. If your child’s class is outside and it is raining, please stop at the Gate House to check where your child’s class has been relocated.
  • If your child is sick or unable to attend class due to a conflict, please notify Stuhr Museum by phone or e-mail to let us know of your child’s absence. If you know your child will be absent one day, you may also tell their teacher at drop-off or pick-up.
  • Stuhr Museum reserves the right to remove any disruptive child from a class. Parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child and discuss return the rest of the week. No refunds will be given in this event.

Registration opens to Members on March 6 and to the public March 20, 2021.

For more information, contact:
Pam Homolka
Education Outreach Coordinator
308-385-5316 ext. 209

E-Mail Education

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